Video & Phone Sessions

Positive benefits of phone and online therapy

Many people are surprised to learn that we can conduct therapy via the telephone or online. Most of the therapeutic modalities and techniques we utilize, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Meditation and EFT require only two key ingredients: verbal communication and the use of your imagination. Providing therapy using voice over the Internet with software like Skype or over the phone are two ways we provide therapy that we find both effective and easy to use while keeping costs low.

You may feel talking without video, removes some of the worries, this can help to reduce any problems with embarrassment or anxiety; When you go to see a therapist for the first time it can find it's a time of some anxiety and a leap into the unknown. Talking to a stranger in face to face about personal issues sometimes can seem worse than the problem you face, and this can stop you getting therapy when it could be the best time to do so.

So being able to stay unseen by the therapist for some clients can allow them to deal with problems sooner than they would normally do so and find help faster. It is generally accepted by all therapists that entering therapy in the early stages of any personal difficulty will allow for faster results and less time needed in therapy, for those who wait until the problem has got to the stage when it has had a major issue on their quality of life then it is generally understood that it is going to need more time in therapy to see any improvement.

It’s a bit like a person who has a fear of dentists who waits until their teeth are so bad, or until the pain becomes so strong that it over rides the fear of going to see the dentist; this leads to it a greater number of visits to repair the damage done when trying to ignore the problem. Online and over the phone therapy is growing fast, do a search on the Internet and you will see more therapists using this new ways of providing therapy over the phone and Internet, we have provided this service for over three years.

  • No problems with parking or looking for transportation.
  • No one need ever know you’ve consulted a therapist online or over the phone.
  • You can receive therapy from the comfort and safety of your own home or at work.
  • You may find it easier to talk online about some problems you find embarrassing.
  • More flexible appointments, including weekends and late evenings.
  • Physical disability is no longer a problem.
  • Feel more relaxed talking about personal problems.
  • No need to sit in a waiting room before the appointment.
  • Online therapy services can help people in rural or remote areas
  • If You're working long hours or unusual shifts.
  • Confidential.
  • Lower cost.
The results are every bit as powerful as if you are sitting with a therapist in our clinic in Fort Lauderdale. If you’re curious, give me a call and we can discuss helping you create a better you.

Life’s path should be meaningful and satisfactory.

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