Quit Smoking

Use the power of hypnosis to break your habit of smoking. You can quit smoking with our powerful hypnosis program specially designed and researched for years.

Imagine that feeling of being so free, so happy and so confident now that you quit smoking. Imagine hearing the many compliments and the praise from all the people around you because you have stopped smoking and you look and feel healthy.

Our smoking cessation program is personalized for every client (both our Fort Lauderdale and remote clients) and begins with an initial 20 minute telephone consultation where a certified qualified hypnotherapist will ask you a series of questions to evaluate your smoking addiction and your motivation to stop smoking. This session allows the hypnotherapist to understand the behavioral and emotional dynamics of your habit and to fully understand your motivation to quit smoking. The hypnotherapist then design the structure of your hypnotherapy program to meet your particular needs. The hypnotherapist also combines hypnosis with other natural and powerful tools like NLP, Therapeutic Imagery, EFT and Timeline Therapy to insure a powerful and successful experience.

Your success begins with a sincere desire to change and your decision to do something. Our clients enjoy a better than 93% success rate. When they stop smoking through hypnotherapy, most can’t believe how easy and painless it was. You too will successfully quit smoking for good if you have a sincere desire to do so. Remember, it all starts with that critical phone call. Why wait another day? Whether you are in the South Florida area or in another state or country, we would like to help you quit and stop smoking for life. Call us today and give yourself the gift of a healthier new life.

Life’s path should be meaningful and satisfactory.

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